Sunday, July 10, 2011

07/10/2011: Progress Report - "The Fault Lies Not..." & "My Soul To Keep"

Had a rather productive couple of days.  I managed to make progress on the two side projects, "The Fault Lies Not..." and "My Soul To Keep".  Still working on a few plot details on "My Soul To Keep"; what exactly do the citizens know of their past; how does Helena, the main character, go from devout to questioning?  They'll all come along and be worked out as I write the story.

With "The Fault Lies Not...", I have Lin and Vincent marching toward a showdown.  They're about to find the apartment the killer has been using.  While searching it, they come under fire...but the killer is not doing the shooting.

So as of right now, "The Fault Lies Not..." is 8794 words in length.  "My Soul To Keep" is 1221 words in length.  How long are they going to end up being?  As long as they take to tell the stories.

And so it goes...

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