Saturday, February 21, 2015

Campfire Stories

Campfire Stories is a collection of eight stories, ranging from the far distant past to the not-too-distant future. These are stories of self-discovery, exploration and duty, and the consequences of each. From a research project gone terribly wrong, to a an author finding out there's more to his childhood friend than he thought, to an investigator searching for someone who can hide in plain site...these stories show people striving for more and the consequences that brings.

The eight stories in Campfire Stories are:
“The End of Seconds" – A research project to answer an age-old question goes terribly wrong, with consequences that reach across time;
"Games of Life and Cold" – While exploring an uncharted planet, a group of genetically engineered beings finds themselves in a life or death struggle with a race that considers them little more than animals;
"If You Listen Softly" – What if the world around you changed and you were the only one who noticed it;
"All My Yesterdays, Remembered" – An author finds there’s more to his childhood friend than he ever thought;
"Symmetry" – Rosalind had no idea how she came to be on the subway, with the conductor the only other rider, and she wasn’t sure she wanted to know the answer;
"Signpost" – A planetary survey sends Tamara on a journey of discovery and wonder;
"Last Light" – Carly and Alexa were on their way to lunch…then they walked into a hostage crisis…then it fell to Carly to end it;
"The Shape of the Truth" – As an investigator, Dari had to find a suspect who was able to hide in plain sight and also prove his innocence.

Campfire Stories is available from Smashwords, Kindle, iTunes and NOOK. Also available as Print On Demand from CreateSpace.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

With Eyes Open...

There are more things in Heaven and Earth
Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Mira Frayne thought she was going to make a change in her life. Despite a career spent helping people take control of their lives, she found she had been used and lied to, that she had been drawn into someone else’s deceit. Breaking free would lead her to changes she never anticipated or wanted. She would learn there is more to the world than she ever imagined. The Adityas would not be denied. They would have what they wanted no matter the cost to Mira. In the not too distant future, the consequences of those changes would still be felt.

In the late twenty-second century, former government researcher Mandalay Jones had been looking forward to a change in career but finds herself dragged back into the fold to resolve a critical situation. Her ex-husband’s research had gotten out of control and it falls to Mandalay to recover the research, and save her ex-husband and his staff. Along the way, she finds her efforts aided and abetted by a mysterious woman named Mira.

With Eyes Open… is available from Smashwords, Kindle, iTunes & NOOK. Also available as Print On Demand from CreateSpace.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

And so "Brianna and the Three" is typed. Now to stop thinking about it for a month, until it's time for the next editing pass.

That's a lot of words...

Monday, February 9, 2015

Finished the first edit of "Brianna and the Three." Just have to type it up now. I sigh deeply.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

On A Cold Wind

The story of Caralynn (Carly) Adrasteia, an agent of EarthGov Security in the late twenty-second century. As an Enhanced Human, a group of humans engineered to have superior physical and mental abilities, she is subject to hatred and discrimination while continuing to work for the improvement of her people's situation. Along with her partner, Special Agent Murphy Greenfield, she is assigned to track down two escaped criminals who threaten a newly established colony. One of the criminals, Efhram Bartok, is also an Enhanced Human who wants to incite a revolution and lead the Enhanced Humans to freedom. There is a link between Carly and Bartok, one that only Carly's division director knows.

On A Cold Wind is available from Smashwords, Kindle, iTunes & NOOK. Also available as Print On Demand from CreateSpace

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Friday, February 6, 2015


EarthGov Security Special Agent Kevin Martin and his partner, Probationary Agent Rachael (Rae) Mercer, thought they had been assigned an open-and-shut case. A murder had been committed on the colony of Haven and local law enforcement already had a suspect in custody, with enough evidence to ensure a conviction. Things begin to spin out of control when Rae is severely beaten and Kevin is accused of the attack. Who is trying to stop the murder investigation? What is connection between the suspect and the victim? How does the secret Rae is keeping tie into it?

Rae is available from Smashwords, Kindle, iTunes & NOOK. Also available as Print On Demand from CreateSpace.

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Fault Lies Not...

In the late twenty-sixth century, a serial killer roams the city of Naufolk. There is little evidence left at the scenes of the murders, and no trace of the killer shows up on any of the city’s scanners. It's up to EarthGov Security Special Agent Lin Sillo and her partner, Special Agent Vincent DeBurg, to stop him. But is there something behind the murders, something that reaches far beyond the city?

The Fault Lies Not… is available from Smashwords, Kindle, iTunes & NOOK. Also available as Print On Demand from CreateSpace.

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