Sunday, September 25, 2011

09/25/2011 - The Fault Lies Not Progress

I'm starting to see some regular production.  I'm trying to follow a regular schedule...or as regular a schedule as I can considering my work schedule changes from week to week.  But as long as the stories continue to move forward, I'm not going to question it.

So as of today, "The Fault Lies Not..." is at 10,057 words.  I knew I wouldn't be able to keep it under 10,000 words.  The story's moving toward its conclusion, and there's a lot that still has to be told.

I'm also looking into epublishing, rather than going through the more traditional route.  The one thing I have to pay attention to is how I'd get paid.  Anyone who uses PayPal will by necessity be avoided.  I have issues with PayPal that I don't want to go into detail right now.  Let's just say that if I went with someone who uses PayPal, I won't see anything from my sales for a while.

Not that I have anything ready to go right now.  I do want to gather my completed stories into an anthology, something a traditional publishing house would be reluctant to do for an author who hasn't a real track record.  A couple of the stories need some work (one needs a lot of work), so this won't be happening for a while.

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