Sunday, April 22, 2012

22 April 2012: At Long Last...Progress

It's been a while since I made any real progress on anything.  But I'm putting a real effort into rededicating myself to writing on a more regular basis.  At least, more than just the few words I can jam out between calls at work.

I've been focusing on four projects, two novels and two works of as yet undetermined length...

As mentioned on the previous post, I've finally finished Chapter 22 of Before the Dawn.  The novel now stands at 67,824 words in length, 12,176 words to go before my goal of 80,000.  I need to do some plotting before I can hit Chapter 23 but I'll be back at it soon.

The completed novel I somehow managed to forget, On A Cold Wind, is doing well right now.  I've done an intense, line-by-line editing (some would call it rewriting) of the first five chapters and I'm writing a new Chapter 6.  So as of right now, it comes in at 13, 099 words, 66,091 to go to 80,000 words.

A Bright Symmetry is actually an anthology of four stories (at the moment), beginning with "A God to Dance With".  You could think of this as a kind of sequel to Before the Dawn; it centers around Scott Madigan, and Georges Severin and Brynna Alexander do make an appearance.  Right now, it's at 10,048 words.

Though I wanted to put it aside for a while, Lin screamed at me so I'm back working on "The Fault Lies Not..."  At the moment, it's at 12,683 words.  I'm not sure how long it'll turn out to be.

So with the four projects, I should be able to make regular I can actually write instead of just talking about writing.

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