Friday, June 8, 2012

Progress...Part 2

Okay, the story I completed yesterday, currently titled "Really Real", is a direct sequel to "A God to Dance With".  It takes place the next morning, after Scott and Zoe spent time dancing.  This is the first of four stories that follow AGtDW, but I started writing it after I wrote the third story.  Why?  Lemme 'splain...

From an editor of one of the many magazines I sent AGtDW to came the comment that the story seemed like it was part of a larger work.  I hadn't planned it that way, but given the way AGtDW ends, I could easily continue telling stories of Scott and Zoe. 

So I originally planned on twelve stories that would've led to Scott thinking Zoe was dead only to find out she was still alive and regenerating herself in the corona of the local star.  That proved to be a bit much, so after completing one story and getting two-thirds through two others, I put the project aside.

Now, I've decided to get back to it but I've trimmed it down to five stories:

"A God to Dance With" (complete)
"Really Real" (first draft complete, needs a new title)
"The Arc of Heaven" (first draft complete, will be working on it in the next day or so)
"Interlude" (first draft almost complete)
"Being" (Not started)

So, as it stands right now, "Really Real" is 4228 words in length.  The entire project is at 38,392.  I'm not too concerned about the length of this project; I've found some venues that aren't as strict on word count.

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