Monday, November 5, 2012

11/05/12 - A Bright Symmetry - Continued Progress

I've finished writing the concluding piece of A Bright Symmetry, titled "...and Forever".  It addresses a point or two raised earlier in the collection, bringing it to a hopeful and satisfying conclusion.

There's still one last piece I have to write, a short piece that bridges the six month gap between "Really Real" (yes, I still need a new title for this one) and "The Arc of Heaven".  There were some points that came up during an editing pass of "The Arc of Heaven" that I feel should be addressed.  So I'll be working on a short piece titled "Intermezzo".

So as of now, the word count looks like this:  "Only Time..." 1967; "A God to Dance With" 7724; "Really Real" 4232; "Intermezzo" 0; "The Arc of Heaven" 18306; "Interlude" 6935; "...and Forever" 1798.  This brings the entire collection to 40962.  Half the length of a novel but that's okay.  Since this is going to be published as an ebook, like With Eyes Open..., I'm not too concerned about length.

This has actually been a good year, writing wise.  With the completion of "...and Forever", I've now completed five stories, which is more than I accomplished in previous years.  Yes, I backtracked on Before the Dawn, but I'm feeling good about it, and fully expect to be able to finish the novel once I finish the editing pass I'm doing now.

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