Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The New Novella Is Out

My new novells, titled Rae, is now available on Kindle.

EarthGov Security Special Agent Kevin Martin and his partner, Probationary Agent Rachael (Rae) Mercer, thought they had been assigned an open-and-shut case. A murder had been committed on the colony of Haven and local law enforcement already had a suspect in custody, with enough evidence to ensure a conviction. Things begin to spin out of control when Rae is severely beaten and Kevin is accused of the attack. Who is trying to stop the murder investigation? What is connection between the suspect and the victim? How does the secret Rae is keeping tie into it?

It's not long, about 14.050 words.

For the Kindle Edition, find it here: http://tiny.cc/yudffx

I'll post an update when it becomes available on iTunes, NOOK and Smashwords.

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