Saturday, November 14, 2015

More Charracter Pre-Visualization

More character pre-visualization...

Balthazar, from "Upon A Far Distant Shore." He was infected by the same nano-virus that infected Artemis Xian. Rather than just grant him similar enhanced abilities, he was also mutated into something that looks a bit like Frankenstein's monster. It's speculated that the presence of drugs and alcohol in his system caused the nano-virus to misread his body before rebuilding it. Despite being adversaries, Balthazar does feel a bit of infatuation toward Artemis. (I'm not completely sold on this image of Balthazar. There may be another pass at it down the road, something that looks a little less human.)

 The next character pre-visualization is Special Agent Denise Bell from "Stranger." Denise is an Enhanced Human, a group of genetically engineered humans who possess superior strength, enhanced speed and reflexes, much sharper senses. In the later twenty-second century, Enhanced Humans are also the victims of prejudice and bigotry from a sizable chunk of Earth's population. While there is a large population of Enhanced Humans that are free, most of their sort are living in indentured servitude, essentially slaves. There is a very active subculture of Enhanced Humans who want to overthrow EarthGov as a means to gaining freedom. Most Enhanced Humans, like Denise, work within the system to affect change. "Stranger" is the story of Denise's efforts to infiltrate a terrorist group and stop them before they can launch strikes on Portland, Oregon.

 The last character pre-visualization for tonight is Helena Troy, the main character of "My Soul To Keep." There is nothing out of the ordinary about Helena, except that she, and everyone else in the habitat of Coventry - 600 people in total, were abducted from Earth by a race of being called the Tralamafan, to be used in a continuing cycle of experiments. To the Tralamafan, the human population of Coventry are nothing more than lab rats. The memories of their lives before their abduction was erased, and they are cloned over and over again, over the coarse of centuries, and run through different forms of society, alternating between cycles of war and peace. It's not until Helena is chosen by Isiah, Coventry's controlling AI, to begin working to end the cycles and preserve the lives of the 600 citizens.

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