Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Why Do I Keep Doing This?

Why do I have a completed story that I'm not getting ready for publication? Let me explain...

I have a story titled "Wanderer," set in the late twenty-second century. It's one of my EarthGov Security stories, which also includes "Last Light" (from Campfire Stories), On A Cold Wind, Rae and The Fault Lies Not... It centers on Special Agent Alexandra Sinclair, a courier with Division Five of EarthGov Security.  Alexa's main trait is here eidetic memory. Essentially she can never forget anything. "Wanderer" concerns a delivery that goes very bad, resulting in Alexa losing part of her memory. (She loses everything before age twenty, so she doesn't remember her parents, who disappeared when Alexa was still a teenager.)

It's finished. It's been finished for what seems like forever. And it's sitting on my hard drive, waiting.

I had always planned on writing a sequel to it but with all the other stories waiting to be completed, I don't know when I'll get to it. I have a few ideas, like Alexa being sent out on another delivery, meeting her future girlfriend/wife, witnessing an ancient race's mass suicide and coming to terms with the loss of her memories. But that can wait a little longer.

I'm probably going to wait until I finish "Raven" and "Stranger" (which are also EGS stories, both concerning Division Two) before I tackle "Wanderer." Since it's already complete, I'll just have to flesh it out a bit with a couple scenes added to the beginning. Then it should be good to go.

Now to keep from being sidetracked by other projects.

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