Thursday, June 23, 2011

06/23/2011: "My Soul To Keep" Progress Report

I think I have a handle on Side Project 2, "My Soul To Keep".  I changed the opening to the story, giving a little introduction before diving into the story.  This sets the tone of the story and establishes that someone who intimately knows what's going on is telling the story.  Who exactly is telling the story is revealed at the end.

I also slightly changed the appearance of the main character, Helena Troy.  This is important; back when I was trying to start Before The Dawn, I had trouble because I couldn't visualize Brynna in my mind.  I changed her appearance and it's been clear sailing (more or less) since then.  Hopefully the slight change I made to Helena will help.

As of right now, "My Soul To Keep" is a meager 781 words.  It's a start...

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