Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Little Something I Was Tinkering With

A couple years ago, I had it in my head to write a superhero story.  Still do, actually; I'm a long-time comic book reader, so I wanted to try my hand at writing something in the genre.  I might go back to it one of these days.

So, here it is...


Section Alpha:  A Quiet Moment

            He leaned back in his chair and sighed.  Around him, the Monitor Room was quiet; only the sound of the air conditioners and the servos adjusting the chair could be heard.  Behind him, a massive holographic globe hovered in mid-air, a few indicators marring its otherwise calm appearance.  He wasn’t concerned about the indicators; none of the emergencies were drastic enough to require the attention of anyone beyond local authorities.  Certainly none of them required the attention of Section Alpha.
            His eyes scanned the screens arrayed before him.  They confirmed what the globe showed.  For once, Earth was quiet.  None of the petty squabbles that so concerned the human race were raging out of control, or at least hadn’t gotten beyond the name-calling stage.  As long as weapons weren’t being used, there was no need for the team to get involved.
            With another sigh, he closed his eyes.  The team, the men and women drawn together by the need to protect the world.  Protect it from itself and, he thought, from people like themselves.  With abilities granted them by science, nature or other arcane sources, most felt the need to work for the advancement of the human race.
            Some, however, felt the need to take, to dominate, to destroy.  When that happened, he and his teammates were there to handle the situation.
            What did that old comic book say about great power and great responsibility, he wondered.  If only they knew how true that was.
            The comm buzzed for attention.  “Monitor Room.”
            “Hey, ‘face.  Quiet up there?”
            A thin smile crossed his face.  “All quiet up here, Stryke.”  He tapped a request into the keyboard before him.  “According to Adele, there’s a minor fire in California, and it looks like Kilauea is blowing its top yet again.  Maybe the world’s decided to give us a break.”
            “Doubt it.  I get nervous when it’s too quiet.  I’ll be up to relieve you in three hours.”
            “It’s Interface, not just ‘face.”
            “Takes too long to say.  See you in three.”  The comm went silent.
            The man known to the public as Interface stared at the keyboard for another moment then shook his head.  “If we have to use code names,” he muttered, “use the whole name.”
            He tapped another request into the keyboard and the information on one screen changed.  Most of the team were in their quarters, enjoying the quiet while it lasted.  As per procedure, two were in the Ready Room, waiting to deploy if needed.  Another request told him it was Avenger, the nominal leader of the team, and Silk, the team’s resident expert on the occult.
            We’re ready for anything, he thought.

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