Monday, October 1, 2012

09/30/12 - Progress and Plans

The Prologue for A Bright Symmetry, "Only Time...", is now finished.  It's just a quick piece that introduces Scott and Zoe before "A God to Dance With".  It also ends with a What The Fuck moment.  (Okay, the formal name for it is foreshadowing.)  While sitting in a restaurant with Scott, Georges and Brynna, Zoe hears someone say goodbye to her, then Scott sees a woman who reminds him of a long dead friend.  This is resolved at the end of "Interlude".

That leaves me with two short pieces left to write:  "Intermezzo", which bridges the six month gap between "Really Real" and "The Arc of Heaven"; and the Epilogue, "...and Forever", which calls back to something Zoe says in "Really Real".  Hopefully I'll be able to get those done quickly.

So as of right now, the word count is...

"Only Time..." - 1967 words; "A God to Dance With" - 7724 words; "Really Real" - 2331 words; "Intermezzo" - 0 words: "The Arc of Heaven" - 18,306 words; "Interlude" - 6395 words; "...and Forever" - 0 words.  The total word count is 37,263 words.

I've been thinking about my other stories.  I'm thinking now of possibly bundling "With Eyes Open..." and it's sequel, "A Voice in the Darkness" together.  It'll be a little short, but since I'm planning on going through epublishing, that won't be a problem.  I just have to decide if I want to use just the two stories or if I want to add something else.  A title for the new project would be good, too.

Then the rest of the stories would be bundled together into their own anthology, titled From My Cluttered Mind.

So many to carry them out.

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