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08/15/13 - The Next Project: "Mated Souls"

Now that "The Fault Lies Not..." is finally finished, I've started working on the next unfinished project. There are a lot to chose from, but I decided on one titled "Mated Souls". It takes me back to the late twenty-second century, though I'm still working with characters employed by EarthGov Security.

"Mated Souls" is the story of Special Agent Debra MacNally, a courier with Division Two of EarthGov Security. As the story begins, Debra is on her way to make deliver information to Division One. She realizes she's being followed just as her division director calls her back to Orlando, Florida to tell her she has to chaperone Constable Sertsa Gorodenkov, from the Russian Consortium National Police, as she observes the operations of Division Two.

It's not long before Debra is accused of murdering the man who was following her, and is also accused of being a traitor.

Throughout the story, Debra is plagued by the feeling that something has is very wrong (aside from the obvious), and that there is more to Constable Gorodenkov that has been let on...

And here are our two main characters:

Debra MacNally

Name:  Debra MacNally
Race:  Human

Age:  30
Date of Birth:  18 May 2161
Place of Birth:  Christchurch, New Zealand
Citizenship:  Debra is a citizen of Earth
Legal Status:  No criminal record
Relatives:  Unnamed parents

Height:  5’10” (177.8 cm)
Weight:  149 lbs (67.59 kg)
Eye Color:  Blue
Hair Color:  Brown
Religion:  Catholic (not devout)
Intelligence:  Above Average
Strength:  Normal
Speed:  Normal
Stamina:  Normal
Durability:  Normal
Agility:  Normal
Reflexes:  Normal

Profession/Rank (Current):  Courier for EarthGov Security, Division Two
Profession/Rank (Former):  N/A
Current Alias:  Artemis
Former Alias:  N/A
Personal Weaponry:  Waller-Jackson P210 Phased Plasma Pistol; various others, as
Usual Base of Operations:  EarthGov Security, Division Two, Orlando, Florida, NorAm

Friends/Allies/Confidants:   Maureen Rogers, Alexandra Sinclair, David Troy
Enemies:  Sunbeam Brigade
Skills:  Debra is an extremely efficient courier, able to make her deliveries no matter the circumstance.  She is also a trained fighter, able to defend herself against most adversaries, and is a good marksman.
Special Abilities:  None
Source of Special Abilities:  N/A

Sertsa Gorodenkov

Name:  Sertsa Gorodenkov
Race:  Human

Age:  36
Date of Birth:  2155 (exact date unknown)
Place of Birth:  Russian Consortium
Citizenship:  Sertsa is a citizen of the Russian Consortium
Legal Status:  No criminal record
Relatives:  None mentioned

Height:  6’1” (185.42 cm)
Weight:  162 lbs (73.48 kg)
Eye Color:  Dark Brown
Hair Color:  Black
Religion:  Atheist
Intelligence:  Above Average
Strength:  Above Average
Speed:  Above Average
Stamina:  Above Average
Durability:  Above Average
Agility:  Above Average
Reflexes:  Above Average

Profession/Rank (Current):  Constable with the Russian Consortium National Police
Profession/Rank (Former):  N/A
Current Alias:  N/A
Former Alias:  N/A
Personal Weaponry:  Waller-Pantheon CT45 Phased Plasma Pistol; various others, as
Usual Base of Operations:  Natsional’noy Politsii (National Police Headquarters),
             Moscow, Russian Consortium

Friends/Allies/Confidants:   Unknown
Enemies:  Unknown
Skills:  Unknown
Special Abilities:  None
Source of Special Abilities:  N/A

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