Saturday, November 30, 2013

Three Books Now Available

Just want to take a moment to mention my three books, available on Kindle, Smashwords, iTunes and NOOK.

The first, With Eyes Open..., is the story of Mira Frayne, who thought she was going to make a change in her life, to try and make a better life for herself. Her life did change...but not in any way that she expected. She learns there is more to the world than she ever believed, a discovery she would deal with far into the future. What are the Adityas and why do they want her?

The second, Campfire Stories, is a collection of stories, ranging in time from the far distant past to the not too distant future. These are stories of
self-discovery, exploration and duty, and the consequences of each. What happened before the beginning? What if the world changed and you were the only one who knew it? What if you found out that your childhood friend was more than you ever thought she was?

The third, A Bright Symmetry, tells the story of Scott Madigan, immortal, and his lover, Zoe Baird, over the course of a year.
An archaeological expedition leads Scott to reassess and change his llife...though nothing compares to the changes undergone by Zoe.

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