Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Campfire Stories

Campfire Stories is a collection of eight stories, ranging from the far distant past to the not-too-distant future. These are stories of self-discovery, exploration and duty, and the consequences of each. From a research project gone terribly wrong, to a an author finding out there's more to his childhood friend than he thought, to an investigator searching for someone who can hide in plain site...these stories show people striving for more and the consequences that brings.

The eight stories in Campfire Stories are:
“The End of Seconds" – A research project to answer an age-old question goes terribly wrong, with consequences that reach across time;
"Games of Life and Cold" – While exploring an uncharted planet, a group of genetically engineered beings finds themselves in a life or death struggle with a race that considers them little more than animals;
"If You Listen Softly" – What if the world around you changed and you were the only one who noticed it;
"All My Yesterdays, Remembered" – An author finds there’s more to his childhood friend than he ever thought;
"Symmetry" – Rosalind had no idea how she came to be on the subway, with the conductor the only other rider, and she wasn’t sure she wanted to know the answer;
"Signpost" – A planetary survey sends Tamara on a journey of discovery and wonder;
"Last Light" – Carly and Alexa were on their way to lunch…then they walked into a hostage crisis…then it fell to Carly to end it;
"The Shape of the Truth" – As an investigator, Dari had to find a suspect who was able to hide in plain sight and also prove his innocence.

Campfire Stories is available from Smashwords, Kindle, iTunes and NOOK. Also available as Print On Demand from CreateSpace.

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