Thursday, December 8, 2011

08 December 2011: "A Voice in the Darkness" Progress

After a long and annoying dry spell, I've made a lot of headway into "A Voice in the Darkness".  Being able to write while at work has been a big plus.  (Hey, if other people can read or do crossword puzzles between calls, I can write.  It's better than sitting there staring into space, waiting for a call to come in.)

As of right now, "A Voice in the Darkness" is 9,890 words in length.  And I'm feeling real good about those words.

It shouldn't be long before I complete this story.  I have a pretty clear idea what happens between now and the end, so I should be able to get it done relatively quickly.

After that, I'm going to concentrate on the novel and getting some of the other, shorter projects completed.  There are a lot that have been left hanging that I'd like to finish so they can be rejected by traditional publications.

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