Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Oh Lin...How You Vex Me...

So...when is a murder mystery set in the far future not a murder mystery set in the far future?  When you neglect to employ the advanced technology that the characters have at their disposal to help in their search for the killer.

There are a lot of plot holes in "The Fault Lies Not", some of them big enough to fly Moya* through.  For a couple of highly skilled government agents, Lin and her partner make a lot of basic mistakes.  It's all bothering me so much that I can't even get the story finished then fix it.  (The were plot holes in "A Voice in the Darkness" but they were minor and I was able to fix them while still in the first draft stage.  The plot holes in "The Fault Lies Not" are confounding me.)  Which only means one thing...

It's time to step back, get the printed copy, the red pen and do a quick editing pass through it, identify what needs help, where things should be added (the federal agents didn't hold one briefing with the local cops to make sure they were all on the same page?) and generally try and fill the plot holes so I can get the story finished.

Hey, it worked with the novel.  I feel better about the plot line now that I've rewritten the last five and a half chapters.  It's back on the rails after flying off in Chapter 17.  Now it's time to do the same thing with "The Fault Lies Not".  It's a shorter work, currently around 12,000 words, so it shouldn't take me long.

What I really have to do is stop thinking of it as a short story.  It's passed 10,000 passed short a long time ago.  Get this editing done and get the story told.

*That's a Farscape reference for those who don't know.  Go to Wikipedia and look it up.

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