Monday, January 2, 2012

Not A Resolution...Really, It's Not

I don't make resolutions (I resolve to never make resolutions), but I did promise myself that I would put more effort into getting published.

To that end...

I'm going to be putting most of my effort into getting the novel completed.  I've started going back through the last five completed chapters, trying to get the novel back on track.  (It's about a vampire, not a mage and her girlfriend.  They get their own story.)  For the epublishing project, I edited ten of the eleven completed stories.  (One is so bad it actually has to be rewritten, not just edited.)  Before I continue with the epublishing project, I'm going to send the stories out again, see if there's any interest.  If there isn't, I'll continue with the epublishing contract.

And, of course, I'll only be sending them out to mags & emags that pay.  I'm through giving it away.

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