Monday, August 13, 2012

Some Poems From The Past...

I used to write a lot of poetry.  There was a point, when I was going to Weight Watchers, that I would write a haiku before every weekly meeting.  Writing poetry always helped me sort out my emotions (and I was an emotional wreck for a while...more than I am today).

So I've decided to start putting up some of the poems here, while I continue to make progress on the stories.

So here's the first two, written for specific people.  "For Lisa":  Lisa was a childhood friend that I've lost touch with, much to my disappointment.  Wonder if I can find a way to locate her...

BTW...Long Island is where I grew up.

As for "Drifting Star"...well, let's just say that Simone, the woman it was written for, was and still is...special to me.

"For Lisa"

Long Island
Can be cold
In the winter.
A frosty wind
Blowing off the Sound
Tossing around leaves and debris,
Depositing them
A place is open.
And when it snows,
It can be so lovely
The way the snow
Forms drifts
Along side cars and fences.
The gentle rain of spring
Sounds like your laughter,
And I remembered you.
As the leaves
Turn from green to brown,
The red in between
Reminds me
Of your hair.
And as I sit there,
Watching the rain
And viewing the leaves,
I remember you
And realize
That I miss you.

Top of Form

Bottom of Form
"Drifting Star"

My life was lit up by a drifting star
That had been there all the time.
(Odd that I had never seen it before.)
Each of us wanders through this life
As the world wanders through space
Where there is nothing but darkness
And nothing to do but drift alone.
(And being alone is the worst way to be.)

You appeared suddenly, without a moment's warning.
The task you chose was hard, but you succeeded;
You made me talk when there was nothing to talk about.
You seemed ready to accept me as I wasAnd accepted what I was free to give.
You listened to me and I to you
And we shared some time together
Just being ourselves.
(And being yourself is the hardest thing to do.)

Around us lies the entire world,
And beyond that, the whole universe.
I don't have the words to say how I feel.
You made me feel good for more than a day.
I just want to thank you;
You brought to me a little piece of happiness
That I never thought I could own.
(And being happy is the best way to be.)

(For Simone, wherever you go.)


"For Lisa" and "Drifting Star" (c)2012 Michael P. Dunn
Top of Form

Bottom of Form

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