Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Started making notes for a new EarthGov Security story, set in late 2191/eartly 2192. I know which characters will lead the story - Special Agent Harmony Moore, her identical twin sister, Special Agent Melody Moore, and their partner, Special Agent Wesley Jensen. All three characters have been part of EGS for a while now, though only Harmony and Melody have made any appearances so far. (Their only published appearance is in On A Cold Wind, and that was essentially a cameo appearance. They do play a larger part in Broken Memories.) Wesley has been part of other stories that are in the To Be Completed pile. He's a close friend to Carly and Murphy (though not part of Carly's surrogate family...yet) and is also a devout Christian. (One of the TBC stories is centered on Wesley and his past.)

I don't have much thought out yet, just that it has something to do with a group of nomadic wanderers. I know nothing about them or why EarthGov Security would have any kind of interaction with them. Since this group is brand new, I have to do some imagineering to get their culture. I think they might all be walking around in armor though I'm not sure why.

This is a good development for me. Not that I wanted to start another story while I have so many other projects in the air. But the simple fact that I'm coming up with story ideas may mean I'm getting over whatever the hell;s been keeping me from doing any first draft writing.

We'll see how it goes.

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