Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Inspiration Is Where You Can Find It

Originally written on 13 October 2010...when I still had a job...


As those who read my Twitter or Facebook feeds knows, I've been having trouble working on Before The Dawn.  I've been at a loss for what's causing the hang-up; I know what happens, generally, through the rest of the novel.  I certainly know what happens in Chapter 19.  Trouble is, I can't get passed the second paragraph.  It is partially stress; work sucks and I'm really starting to dislike at least one of my coworkers (or cow-irker, as I've come to refer to this coworker).  And because my pay can best be described as "starvation wages", I worry about keeping my bills paid.  Is it any wonder I sit here and stare at the page, unable to write?

Well, I've come to realize that, maybe, there's another cause.

As I've mentioned before, I subscribe to one comic.  I used to subscribe to a lot more, but I found myself not actually reading them because the plot lines were becoming too similar.  The one exception to this is a book called Gold Digger, created, written and drawn by Fred Perry, published by Antarctic Press.  It tells the story of Gina Diggers, scientist, archaeologist, adventurer as she uncovers the mysteries of the ancient world and heads towards a destiny that has implications for the entire universe.

Four months ago, my subscription ran out.  For monetary reasons, I wasn't able to renew it.  I promised myself that I would resubscribe when I could afford it.  It turns out that I came to need those issues showing up in my mailbox every month.  I find myself inspired by the excellent story telling (it's the only comic I've ever read with characters that actually show growth over the years; Gina now is not the Gina of issue 1) and the manga-style art.  Add to that the fact that Fred is the only one in nineteen years to write and draw the book.  (Not including the annuals and special issues, where are usually fan submissions.)

Add to that the fact that Fred is a former Marine and a veteran of Desert Storm.  Much respect there.

I've been through this before.  A few years ago, my subscription ran out and I couldn't renew it for monetary reasons.  Then, as now, my writing suffered.  I was stuck, unable to make any progress on any of the projects I had been working on.  I resubscribed, purchased the issues I missed...and got back on track.

So, when I got home from work today, I resubscribed and purchased the issues I missed.

If things go the way they did the last time, I should soon be back on track.


My current subscription go Gold Digger ends in August.  Hopefully I'll be in a position to renew it without interruption.

Oh, and just to answer a question probably no one has avatar is a character from Gold Digger, named Brianna Diggers.  She's a clone of both Gina Diggers and her adopted sister, Brittany, who's the last of the werecheetahs.

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