Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Little Background

Okay, a little background on myself...

I've been writing since 1977 (the day after I saw Star Wars, actually).  For the most part, I've written science fiction, though the novel I'm currently working on is more fantasy.  I've had four stories published over the years (though not by anyone willing to pay me), and am trying to get more finished so I don't keep sending out the same stories over and over again.  I used to write poetry, but it's been a lot of years since I've done that.

As I said, I've had four stories published over the years.  Two of the emags have gone out of business, and one has even disappeared from the internet.  (Seriously, I can't even find its archives.)  The stories you can get to are here:

"Signpost"  A first contact story set in 2114, the early days of space exploration in my fictional universe.  Find it here:

"All My Yesterdays, Remembered"  A writer finds out his childhood friend is more than he thought she was.
"Symmetry"  A young woman wakes up on a train occupied only by herself and the conductor.  From there, things get weird.

I'd include the link to the first story that was published, "With Eyes Open..." but the emag has gone away.

My current projects include a vampire novel currently titled Before the Dawn.  (I may be changing the title; I'm not sure if I want the novel to share a title with an Evanescence song.)  It's the story of Brynna Alexander, vampire and author, and Georges Severin, her immortal husband.  It mostly deals with the ressurgance of a group called Les Chasseurs des Morts - The Hunters of the Dead, more commonly referred to just as Hunters.  They're a KKK-like paramilitary group that want to destroy every vampire, werewolf and immortal on the planet.  There's immortals, werewolves, mages (witches) mystics (telepaths), federal agents and a fair bit of action.  And let me be clear about this:  My vampires may not be traditional vampires but they most certainly aren't emo teens who sparkle in the daylight.  I've just passed the 60,000 word mark, roughly two-thirds of the way through the first draft.

Another project is a shorter work titled "The Fault Lies Not".  Set in the late 26th century, it's they story of Special Agent Lin Sillo and her partner, Special Agent Vincent DeBurg, assigned by EarthGov Security to assist local law enforcement in stopping a serial killer.

These are the two main projects I'm working on right now.  At least, I plan to work on them every day.  Unfortunately, I've been going through a bit of writer's gap that's keeping me from producing.  With luck, I'll be able to overcome that and start writing again.

I guess that's enough for now.  I'll be back soon and babble on about the novels I'm reading.


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