Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Progress and Another Character

Finally managed to get some writing done tonight.  Not a lot of production, only about four or five hundred words.  Considering my production for the days prior to this added up to absolutely no words at all...I'll take it.

I was working on one of the side projects, "The Fault Lies Not".  It's now up to 6,849 words.  I'm not sure how long it'll turn out to be but I do know it won't be novel length.

Since I was working on her story, here's the outline for Special Agent Lin Sillo of EarthGov Security:

Lin Sillo

Name:  Lin Sillo
Race:  Human

Age:  31 (as of 19 August 2585)
Date of Birth:  10 November 2554
Place of Birth:  Johannesburg, South African States
Citizenship:  Lin is a citizen of Earth
Legal Status:  No criminal record
Relatives:  Alain Sillo (father), Katrine Sillo (mother), Meghan Sillo (sister), unnamed grandmother (deceased)

Height:  5'11" (180.34 cm)
Weight:  147 lbs (66.68 k)
Eye Color:  Brown
Hair Color:  Black
Religion:  Atheist
Intelligence:  Above average
Strength:  Above average
Speed:  Above average
Stamina:  Above average
Durability:  Above average
Agility:  Above average
Reflexes:  Above average

Profession/Rank (Current):  Government security agent, adventurer
Profession/Rank (Former):  None
Current Alias:  Arwen
Former Alias:  None
Personal Weaponry:  Wilker RP60 Phased Plasma Weapon; M206 Stealth Surveillance Suit; various others as needed
Usual Base of Operations:  EarthGov Security, a division of EarthGov, Madrid, Spain

Friends/Allies/Confidants:  Vincent DeBurg, Jedna, Anastasia Krestyanova
Skills:  Lin is a master of several martial arts as well as an expert marksman
Special Abilities:  Lin has an extremely accurate time sense.  As long as she checks local time upon arrival, she can accurately tell time without using a watch.  She also has what her late grandmother referred to as a "bump" for directions.  Possibly because she is more sensitive to local magnetic fields, Lin cannot get lost and can find her way from most anywhere without a map.
Source of Special Abilities:  Unknown

Lin's an interesting character.  I had originally created her for a novel that never seemed to go anywhere.  So I changed her background a little (and changed her appearance a lot) and started writing her own story.  She does have another story after this one.

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