Sunday, April 24, 2011

Reprint: So I Was Thinking...

I was looking back through my other blog on LiveJournal (the one that concerns everything but writing) and I came across a few posts that I'd like to reprint.  So the next few blog entries will be reprints of them.

(from 17 July, 2010)

Back before the first story was published in 2005, I always used to say that I would call myself a writer until I got published.  After that, I'd call myself an author.

Then the first story, "With Eyes Open...", was published in March 2005.  So there I was, calling myself an author.  Then the second story, "Signpost", was published in November 2005.  So I continued calling myself an author, rather than a writer.

Then I reread a favorite novella by Harlan Ellison, All The Lies That Are My LIfe.  As it always had before, this quote jumped out at me when I read it:

"He once told me the difference, as he saw it, between an author and a writer.  'An author (he said) is what they put on your passport, because in Europe they think a writer is a newspaperman.  An author is somebody who gets his name on the spine of leather-bound volumes that are never read; a writer is someone who gets hemorrhoids from sitting on his ass all his life...writing."

A writer isn't what I am, it's who I am.  I'd rather be known as a good writer than as an author.  At least I'm still writing.

Then there was this, from the July 1992 issue of Writer's Digest:

* If you write, you're a writer.  You need no one else's validation.
* Your work is the same whether it's rejected by 74 publishers or is perched atop The New York Times bestseller list.  If it pleases you, your writing has value.
* Writing is a fundamentally healthy, worthwhile and affirming way to spend time.  Do it, first and foremost, for the doing.  Fame and fortune are the pesto on the pasta.

- Marshall J. Cook, "How To Finish What You Start - Every Time"

By the time the next two stories were published, "All My Yesterdays, Remembered" in March 2009, and "Symmetry" in February 2010, I was over the thought of calling myself an author.  A writer is who I am, who I'll always be.

Just because the first two emags went under not long after they published my stories doesn't mean a thing.

I'd love to provide a link to the first story, "With Eyes Open..." but the emag it was published in has disappeared completely from the internet.

The second story, "Signpost", can be found here:

The third story, "All My Yesterdays, Remembered", can be found here:

The fourth story, "Symmetry", can be found here:

Now I have to get back to writing a vampire novel while the abomination known as the Twilight Saga is still relatively fresh in the minds of the reading public.  (Damn it, vampires don't sparkle!)  Not that I would mind Brynna and company attaining even a small measure of Twilight's popularity.

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